No Matter which of the following services you select, we recommend a pre-audit of your setup by one our qualified technicians.  A preventive measure can save you thousands of dollars and valuable time of yourself and your staff.

Managed IT Services

For a monthly fee, we take care of all your IT requirements.  The fee is assessed per Servers, workstations and other peripherals to consider Firewall, Antivirus, Security issues, backup, Server & workstation Hardware, O/S and Software issues, etc.  We monitor your set up 24/7 and will know the upcoming issues before they surface.


Unfortunately this is the most common service which is after problem has appeared.  We have hourly service for onsite & remote access. Our qualified technicians are well experienced to tackle emergencies.

Hybrid Services

This is a combination of Managed Services & Break-Fix to make the Managed Services more affordable at the expense of tackling some issues after they occur.

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